Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Scoopless Galloway

It's difficult to know what to feel. George Galloway had been stopped by the courts from revealing the identity of the News of the World's 'Fake Sheik' Mazher Mahmood.

On the one hand, it would have been interesting to see Mahmood unmasked in a turning the tables on the hoaxer kind of way, but to have it done by Galloway in some kind of pantomime affair takes all the fun out of it.

Self publicist and windbag Respect MP Galloway, who was as we are all grimly aware was recently a resident of the Celebrity Big Brother House, knows far too much about pantomime and allowing him to expose Mahmood is just letting him lustily breathe in the his favourite substance: the oxygen of publicity.

The News of the World managed to obtain a high court injunction yesterday to stop Galloway publishing pictures of the "Fake Sheik", who came undone when he tried to sting Galloway in a dinner at the Dorchester, where Mahmood was offering to fund the MP's strange party of bedfellows that bring together the likes of radical Muslims and the Socialist Worker's Party.

It seems Mahmood over-egged the performance a little, trying to get Galloway to make anti-Semitic statements. Not a stretch for someone like Galloway, who after his re-election had this to say about the "Zionist media":

"I was re-elected despite all the efforts made by the British government, the Zionist movement and the newspapers and news media, which are controlled by Zionism."

Yesterday Galloway sent pictures of the Mahmood to all MPs, their families, to the Queen’s private secretary and to others in public life who may be targeted by Mahmood’s.

If he wins, it could be tragic for Sunday mornings because it will mean an end to such great exposes as Sven Goran Erikkson and others, who are campaigners in the realm of personal self advancement of a monetary kind.

Of course, the trouble is that the windbag friend of Saddam Hussein and other butchers is allowed to use the injunction as some rallying cry to slam Rupert Murdoch and taking it as an attack on press freedom, but what's that to seeing an elected member of parliament wearing a leotard and purring like a cat on national television. That's the real affront.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Good for George, sending out the fake sheik's photo to his fellow MPs and others. Why did none of his earlier sting victims ever think of that?


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