Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Page Six

The inside scoop today, as it were, on New York's finest. No not the NYPD, but Page Six, the New York Post's gossip column, from of all places The New York Times.

The NY Times has a two-page piece on Page Six, which is invariably described as one of the best gossip columns around and as "first among equals" by Kurt Andersen, a founder of Spy magazine and a former editor in chief of New York magazine and writer of the hit turn-of-the-millennium media novel 'Turn of the Century'.

Page Six is edited by Richard Johnson, who during his long tenure revived the blind items: "Which married tycoon has a fondness for...". The NY Times describes Johnson as an unlikely gossiper-in-chief, being an avid patron of the theatre and with a taste for Shakespeare.

But then again, Johnson at heart is everything his column is. He was set to be married yesterday for the third time on a yacht in Palm Beach, Florida. Very Page Six.

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