Friday, April 07, 2006

One man island

ITV are getting serious in the battle with Channel 4's 'Big Brother'. They are going all out in the crazy stakes and are set to sign Chris Eubank to appear on 'Celebrity Love Island'. Eubank is apparently desperate to get back on television. He's a shoe-in.

According to The Sun this morning, the former world champion boxer, who lately has shown himself to be a couple of punches short of a full combination, is prepared to do anything for another shot at fame.

They should team him up with Michael Barrymore, they would make one hell of a TV duo should Judy and Richard ever retire.

Eubank who split with his wife Karron (not because of the unusual spelling of her name apparently) last year owes the tax man a whopping £1.3m. Eubank, of course, has already been on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and at the time was quoted as saying that having the cameras on him 24 hours a day "was one of the highlights of his life".

But then he did try to drive him truck into Downing Street in a one-man protest against the military presence in Iraq.

Among other things Eubank is likely to bring a bit of religion to Island as well. He has converted to Islam in recent years, but prefers to describe himself as "a man of many faiths".

Sign him up, if there is anyone who should be on an island it's probably Chris Eubank.


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