Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Moss stick

Kate Moss should get together with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. They could form some international threesome (no Kate, not that kind) to publicise Teflon. She's the world's first non-stick supermodel.

Calvin Klein has rewarded Moss with a nice fat new ad deal as she seems to reverse any career damage that the Daily Mirror did to her career with more and more work. Like Blair and Clinton, she can take anything the press has got to throw at her.

She seems to be as busy now as she was when the whole story broke. She might have lost a couple of gigs, but nothing to worry the bank balance.

On top of that, it's being reported that she's readying her own fashion line, the non-sniffable variety. Besides, models and drugs are like hands and gloves. Everyone knows and the industry seems to accept it like Londoners accept tube strikes.

On a more serious note, no seriously, maybe this does all represent not simply a more laisez-faire societal shift in attitudes towards drug taking (no endorsement).

The last couple of days have seen the News of the World and The Sun full of stories of former 'EastEnders' actress Jessie Wallace and her drug abuse. The Sun's front page today proclaims 'Jessie snorted coke for breakfast' and you were wondering why she always looked so wide-eyed on TV.

The general reaction, like Rimmel and Calvin Klein for Moss, has been to shrug it off and declare business as usual. Maybe that's just what it is.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the leader of the opposition has pretty much come out as a former coke user who gives a damn about some air head model?


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