Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Losing its crunch

Is it just me or is the whole Walkers celebrity crisp campaign becoming really tiresome?

The latest campaign featuring a rather pumped-up Charlotte Church alongside career crisp-shifter Gary Lineker (apparently he used to play football or something?) doing his usually cheeky chappy thing.

I'm sure it’s very good as are most of the ads that have emerged from Abbott Mead Vickers over the years, which have featured the likes of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Helena Christensen, Gordon Ramsay, Victoria Beckham et cetera, which guarantees plenty of tabloid coverage.

But as ideas go, rocket science it ain't and maybe the whole endeavour is about to fall back to earth.

Actually, what I think it could be is that Lineker has just outstayed his welcome. He appearances on screen now elicit a yawn.

It lost people with its recent "we thought you might like to know", "healthy" eating campaign where Lineker told us that Walkers contain 5% of the daily recommended intake of saturated fat. The campaign was snotty and condescending.

I realise that while these ads don't do anything at all for me any more they probably play quite well to Walkers target audience of ever pudgier kids. I know Walkers say these aren't who the ads are aimed at, but I don't think they are kidding anyone (there can't be many other explanation for the Nuts/Zoo tailored picture of a cleavage heavy Church). The cheeky chappy thing is talking straight to kids.

If nothing else, the Walkers explain Church's fuller figure. Apparently she loves her crisps.

"I absolutely love crisps and I've always found the ads really funny," Church said. "Gary was great to work with, but did try to nick my crisps. I wasn't having any of it."


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