Monday, April 03, 2006

Chevy warming

Catch it while you can. There's a Chevy commercial you won't be seeing on TV any time soon that rails against the dangers of global warming.

Hang on a second... railing against global warming? Chevy? The maker of 4x4 vehicles? Surely some mistake. Well almost.

Chevy is running a competition online to allow people to create their own Chevy ad for the new 2007 Chevy Tahoe.

"Now, you’re the director and it's your job to communicate this message by creating the best Tahoe online commercial for your chance to win."

One person, a Popbitch poster called Reverend Goatboy, has done just that with a spot that shows great shots of the new 4x4 Chevy racing off-road and sitting on top of glacial peaks.

Except that the text running over the spot goes likes this: "The arseholes who run the USA... and the people that use these...".

It goes on to tell how they're not going to need sat-nav for much longer as all those glaciers are going to turn to water and finally desert. It ends with the line: "Global warming isn't coming – it’s here."

Catch it while you can here as it won't be up for long.


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