Wednesday, April 12, 2006

C4 wedding

Davina McCall had better get her hat. Channel 4 has scored its first 'Celebrity Big Brother' engagement with Chantelle ('Ohhh my God') Houghton and Ordinary Boys singer Preston.

Channel 4 has already been documenting Chantelle's celebrity life on E4 'Living the Dream', Although exactly what the dream comprises is sort of sketchy. Possibly it is only to say "Ohhh my God" over and over on TV in bikinis. E4 seems happy to oblige.

According to The Sun this morning, the Ordinary Boys singer, who is a dab hand at the whole engagement process (he proposed to his ex Camille Aznar after he got out of the Celebrity Big Brother house before promptly unproposing, or changing your mind as it is better known), but seems to have settled on the dippy blonde one, formerly a Paris Hilton lookalike and now, presumably, just herself.

After three months together, Chantelle summed up her feelings about getting engaged telling the crew on another E4 show (what's the point of E4 again?) 'Chantelle’s Dream Dates' that "It’s what I’ve wanted for the last few months”. What she wanted prior to the last few months is anybody's guess.


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