Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We love TV crime

What is it with TV stations and crime? Not content with endless hours of crime dramas, Five wants to take it all a step further and link up with real criminals – to help them with their driving skills...

That's the idea of a new show featuring former F1 boss Eddie Jordan, who is going to be working with some young offenders.

Not just young offenders, of course, but eight car criminals. The five shows see Jordan giving them expert coaching in motoring and mechanical skills. You have to ask if that's really a good idea. This kids can already steal cars, now Five is going to help them fine-tune their skills.

Maybe someone at Five (home of all things 'CSI', 'Prison Break' and sticking with the car theme 'Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver: live') saw the Derren Brown bank robbery show on Channel 4. You know, the one where Brown showed that all of us have the skills to rob banks, which is certainly something I had never considered before.

On a more serious note, we understand that former car salesman Eddie's heart is in the right place, he just wants to understand joyriding a little better.

"I am deeply committed to exploring the issue of joy riding. We need to understand that social deprivation, lack of family structure and the boys’ failure to engage in the traditional education system can leave them with little positive choices in life,"
Jordan said.

Jordan is hoping to help the kids to see that there is an alternative career to that of crime and get work in the motor industry. The best on the show could win a place on Honda's award-winning three-year apprentice technician programme.


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