Thursday, March 02, 2006

Save Ben Affleck now

For the love of God, will someone stop Ben Affleck? I don't mean totally, but just from appearing in any more ads. He's done it again in a Bartle Bogle Hegarty Lynx spot. It is risible.

I'm considering hiring a guy with a megaphone to harass the star, to put across the point "YOU DON'T NEED THE MONEY, PLEASE STOP" should there be another such dodgy outing.

A lot of people find Affleck deeply annoying. I can see that, but he has also been very good on screen, although this only seems to happen in small indie movies like Kevin Smith's 'Chasing Amy' (a favourite of mine, I don't mind admitting), 'Dogma' and 'Good Will Hunting'.

 But all of that goes out of the window if he comes anywhere near a box office-primed vehicle, 'Paycheck' and 'The Sum of All fears' spring to mind. You never saw them? Don't worry, no one else did either.

While his big box office outings are disappointing, things really go to hell when he steps on the set of an ad. It's like an exercise in total artistic cleansing. It's horrible to watch.

And you know, it's as bad as when he did those awful "Because you're worth it" ads for L'Oreal a few years ago, when the story went around that they were not to be shown in the US to save Affleck from embarrassment. Not to mention shame. Posted by Picasa


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a Life!! I rather see him than u

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous littlebt said...

Oh it so makes me cringe to watch this ad!


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