Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sands of time

Kim Fletcher, the former editorial director of the Telegraph must be kicking himself. He had to stand down from his job in June last year when his wife, Sarah Sands, was named editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

Less than year later after Sands steered the paper through a nosedive of a relaunch (down from 714,992 to 682,739) she finds herself out the door and replaced by The Times' business editor Patience Wheatcroft.

 Ouch. Now Fletcher writes a yawn of a column for Media Guardian and Sands is jobless. No one's going to be happy in that house.

Dominic Lawson is probably having a laugh at least. He will enjoy seeing his replacement dumped so unceremoniously after less than a year.

Meanwhile, The Times is probably kicking itself. Wheatcroft had been tipped as a future editor of the paper, but at 54 she wasn't going to hang around to be asked for ever. Posted by Picasa


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