Friday, March 31, 2006

Radio Moyles

Chris Moyles at it again, slagging off the Daily Star's gossip column and challenging its editor to a fight before promptly doing a runner.

The Daily Star's Hot columnist Joe Mott was ready to go head to head with mouthy Moyles, but the Radio 1 breakfast DJ quickly scooted from the studio avoiding... oh wait, a Daily Star Publicity stunt.

But hey publicity stunt or not, rival DJs were quick to offer their views of Moyles big talk and no action radio antics. Moyles rival Virgin's Christian O'Connell had this to say: "Chris is like Nelson Munce in 'The Simpsons', all mouth and no trousers". While Johnny Vaughan, who Moyles has previously dubbed Johnny Yawn, called him a "big fat coward".

Moyles, of course, is well known for talking first and thinking later, and ran into trouble for comments about wanting to lead Charlotte Church "through the forest of sexuality" and recently for calling phone-in contestants children "f***ing brats".


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