Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oh my god

Looks like 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner Chantelle is well on her way to her first million. In the short weeks since leaving the house, the Channel 4 fake celebrity has racked up £750,000 in earnings, including two ad campaigns for Motorola and M&S.

Sure it might last, but at this rate Chantelle, best known for saying "oh my god" over and over… and not much else, can well expect to pass the £1m mark and as long as she doesn't split with Ordinary Boys singer Preston we can guarantee the celebrity mags will allow their attention-deficit-disorder suffering cameras to linger a little longer.

 She's picked up £50,000 for her Motorola ad and as much as £150,000 for an M&S campaign. Not quite sure where M&S are going with that. Answers on a postcard please.

Bigger bucks though could be on the way from ITV. It's being reported that ITV is trying to get the former Paris Hilton look-alike to appear in the next series of 'Celebrity Love Island'. We're not sure how that works because you're supposed to be single to appear on the show. Possibly only a minor stumbling block on the road to C-list royalty.

If she does make it onto the show she can expect to share the decking with serial love rat and 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Brendan Cole, who has been offered a reported £80,000 to work his cha-cha charms on women in the next series of 'Celebrity Love Island'. Posted by Picasa


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