Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Maxim desperation

With Maxim magazine having suffered dismal figures in the recent ABCs, falling 16.2% to 190,438, publisher Dennis has come up with a great way to boost circulation -- give the thing away. Well, almost.

How much do you believe a copy of Maxim is actually worth? Dennis thinks that its magazine, which retails at £3.40, is worth about 41p. Although personally I think that might be overpricing it a little.

 Subscriptions to Maxim are currently being offered to members of the auction website QXL for £9.99 for the next two years. That's right 24, issues for £10 or a £2.99 discount on every issue of the lamentable men's mag.

Who knows how much media agencies are paying to book a page in the magazine, but with Dennis pricing it at less than a copy of Zoo or Nuts we hope it's not too much. Posted by Picasa


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