Thursday, March 30, 2006

MacKenzie plays BBC ball

Kelvin MacKenzie on the BBC? Oh how the mighty have fallen, but it’s true. The former Sun editor is to appear as part of BBC Radio Five Live's World Cup offering.

In his pretty recent days as chairman of TalkSPORT owner the Wireless Group, MacKenzie was, of course, better known for railing against all things BBC.

However, it seems since having sold TalkSPORT to Ulster Television and losing a bundle on publishing disaster Highbury House, MacKenzie has tempered his views.

The man behing Gotcha will kickstart BBC Radio Five Live's World Cup offering with a wry look at the players and the managers who have courted notoriety, in ‘World Cup Scandals’.

MacKenzie is to appear on two programmes looking at scandals that have surrounded past World Cups including allegations about shoplifting and Bobby Moore in 1970 to Maradona's dramatic exit at the USA tournament in 1994.

Five Live controller Bob Shennan hits the nail on the head when he best describes the former Sun editor’s skills: "He's a superb story teller and I'm sure this will make for a great listen."

As for Kelvin he's delighted about the opportunity: "They will be a fascinating romp through the bungs, boozing and bonking that have tarnished the reputation of so many players and tournaments. How could I resist?"

No doubt he will not be railing against his fee for the programme being a waste of licence-payer’s money.


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