Friday, March 10, 2006

Machismo gets its comeuppance

Sex dolls are taking over TV in Mexico, home of the hombres, in an effort to educate Mexican men about sexual harassment. This from the country where its president recently joked that most homes in Mexico "have a washing machine, and not the kind with two hands or two legs".

Whatever could he have been talking about? Unless he was talking about a particular Mexican variety of service wash.

 With a solemn voice, a man, possibly sounding sad about the news, tells viewers: "No woman should be treated like an object," before adding "Sexual harassment is not just demeaning, it's a crime."

You have to try these things, although president Vicente Fox, the man who cracked the washing machine joke, is not exactly sounding optimistic: "Our society still has a long way to go in overcoming holdovers from the past, eradicating prejudice and changing habits."

The ads featuring show the inflatable sex dolls dressed as office workers sitting at desks or photocopiers as men leer at them or try to grope them. Posted by Picasa


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