Monday, March 06, 2006

Kate Moss takes drugs

Another day another Kate Moss takes cocaine exclusive. This time The Sun devotes its entire front-page to the latest scandal…which took place in 1998, but hey -- it’s the scandal that counts, right?

Alongside the headline "Coke Fiend" and with a picture of a clearly "happy" Moss and at least four cut lines of cocaine, one of Moss's inner circle blows the lid on how she took drugs when on a trip with other models to meet then-South African president Nelson Mandela.

 Over a double-page spread, the paper goes into details about Moss's now well documented drug habit.

This will no doubt spark fresh media questions about Moss and her career as a spokeswoman for major fashion brands.

But these pictures and this latest story is almost a decade old. It seems likely she will again be able to shrug off these revelations unless The Sun has anything, you know, from this century to tell us.

The brands that were going to dump her already have and those that are sticking by her seem to love the fact that she is a gorgeous looking model and is rather edgy to boot. As Rimmel London demonstrated very recently when it as much as played up her busy lifestyle in its latest TV adPosted by Picasa


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