Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jowell mortgages the BBC

Things are getting bad for the BBC. Rumour has it that not only will the BBC not get what they want in terms of an inflation busting licence fee increase, but it is likely to find itself sold off.

The groundwork has already been laid, apparently it has all been something of an accident, but this is what happened. Her husband David Mills (currently on media sabbatical after "Minister chooses to spend more time with her government" shocker) put some papers in front of her and that's where it all started to go wrong.

 The minister of state for culture, media and sport thought it was more crap about the BBC charter review, but it turns out that it was a bill of sale for the entire BBC, which will now become part of Silvio Berlusconi's media empire.

On the plus side, Berlusconi has guaranteed in return to furnish Mills and Co with as many mortgage deals as they like for the rest of their lives as they seem to love taking out mortgages and paying them swiftly off. You know as you do. Whoever said a mortgage was for lifeā€¦ oh wait, it was the bank and they might have only said it to me.

What do you mean you don't believe that a grown woman would actual read a piece of paper she was signing that said in big letters at the top "this is from your bank you dozy so and so".

PS we are joking, by the way. Posted by Picasa


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