Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jack Bauer to save Lowe

Could there be another really bad agency name in the offing? Talk is that the Interpublic Group is about ready to dump the Lowe name and rebrand the network as 24.

Oh hang on, I get it. Jack Bauer is going to join the sinking ship. He'll use Vauxhall branded cars, of course, and will bring home a huge ad account before the day is out.

 But seriously, 24, is the name being mooted -- who knows, maybe Michael Roth is a huge fan of the show and…I don't know, wants to introduce some real-time dynamism to the beleaguered network.

With Garry Lace and Ed Morris promised their names above the door that means Lowe London will be renamed LaceMorris24, which sounds more like the number of accounts the agency has lost that an exciting new shiny agency name.

If Lowe is renamed 24 it will follow in the footsteps of some of some other questionable agency rebrands that have given us Krow (its work, but backwards) Campbell Dye Doyle becoming 'The Shop' and Red Cell becoming United.

Having won the £45m Tesco account Sir Frank Lowe & Co on the other hand came up with the name The Red Brick Road, which has a certain panache, and you can see where they are going with that. I mean everyone loves 'The Wizard of Oz'. Posted by Picasa


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