Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Touching story that, about the guy who is walking across America. Literally. What began as an exercise in weightloss has become a story in self discovery. He's been offered, among other things, a deal to advertise weight loss pills, which kind of misses the point.

In what is partly being seen as an indictment on our fast food society, Steve Vaught, who ballooned to 30 stone, is walking acorss the US, losing weight and gaining everywhere else. His story has sparked a mass of media and human interest and his website has been inundated with traffic and more than 80,000 emails.

He's been interviewed by Ophra and there are talk of TV deals, among other media interest. Like 'Fast Food Nation' before his 3,000 mile journey has focused attention again on the way people live and what they eat. In one stretch of four-mile road he passed 21 fast food restaurants. Count them.

"I thought when I got out into the country I'd leave all that behind. But I've walked through the Mid West, the breadbasket, and it is one of the most unhealthy places on earth.

"You have all these rolling acres of farmland, and you can't even buy fresh fruit and veg. The last apple I ate came from South America -- and it looked like it had rolled here."

He has apparently been offered deals to promote everything from shampoo, vitamins, smoking patches, as well as a reported $5m to advertise a weight-loss pill. You have to hope he turns it down.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I intend to do the same across Europe. Only using trains. I'm going to call it 'inter railing'. I think I'll be hard pushed to find any decent restaurants in Western Europe.


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