Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fag burns

Big Brother bosses are reportedly considering banning smoking in the new series of Big Brother. Say it ain't so. Booze-filled antics in clouds of smoke are part of what we've all come to…enjoy? Or something.

Anti-smoking campaign group Ash have been putting pressure on Channel 4 bosses for the contestants to stub out.

An ASH spokesman said that they wanted a full ban. Apparently the Australian version of the show has already banned fags. Damn those clean living Australians. Nadia almost walked out of the house when she ran out of fags. That would have been a tragic loss to the world…wait, what ever happened to Nadia?

Apparently ASH are worried that it glamorises smoking. Are they serious? Have they been watching the Z-List greenhouse? Have they seen Pete Burns and his oversized lips puffing away on a cigarette? It's so far from glamour with psychotic instances and fisticuffs.

Next they'll want to ban booze. At the sad point the sad realisation will finally hit Channel 4 bosses that if they can't show drunk people falling around making fools of themselves on TV then no one will watch.


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps they could replace the cigarettes with class A drugs. I think Celeb Big Brother would have been far more entertaining had Gorgeous George been coked up to his (exceedinly strange) eyeballs.

Worth considering surely.


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