Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Extreme Living

Living TV is already home to all things "extreme" and has kindly given us everything from 'Extreme Makeovers', dieting and, of course, extremely gay comedy in 'Will & Grace', but its latest schedule includes a new extreme variant: 'Extreme: Skinny Celebrities'. Apparently there is an epidemic of super-skinny celebs.

 Lucky for us, the extreme channel is ready with its cameras and promises a full investigation in this "documentary" into their dieting habits and where the "awful truth" about the long-term physical costs, which if you're interested include the possibility of premature death. Eek.

Apparently, there will be a list of "famous friends", dieticians, doctors and pundits offering insights into the stars' eating habits and "extreme" exercise regimes. It seems only natural that extreme dieters would have extreme exercise regimes.

The best bit sounds like the CGI technology that the show will used to predict what certain celebrities will look like in later life. My guess is that they will look a little like Skeletor from 'He Man', but possibly less blue. I could be wrong, it's been known. Posted by Picasa


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