Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Edmonds rant

Noel 'Blobby' Edmonds was nominated for a Bafta earlier this week and now not only is he suing the Daily Mail, but he hates Chris Moyles.

Edmonds' comeback was sealed earlier this week by a Bafta nomination for his tea-time hit 'Deal or No Deal', which although I've seen at least five minutes of I have no idea what it's about, apart from the fact that people say "no deal".

I get the impression that it's sort of like Channel 4's former staple 'Fifteen to One', but with the educational element being replaced by cash.

He's suing the Daily Mail for libel this week and although I would love to repeat what the dodgy sweater wearer has called in the lawyers for I can't, because it would be an expensive affair.

Not content with laying into everyone's favourite slice of middle England, he's laid into Moyles and branded him coarse and offensive, like it's a news flash.

"I just wish he wasn't so coarse. I find a lot of what he says offensive ¾ and I don’t think it's my age. I just think it's not appropriate, particularly on the BBC."

Obviously the whole country knows that Moyles, loved only by angry blokes in white vans, is coarse and offensive, but somehow you don't want to be told it by Mr Blobby's best friend Edmonds, who Channel 4 have inexplicably paid £3m to ensure 'Deal Or No Deal' doesn't go away anytime soon.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having recently watched Deal or No Deal for the first time I have to say the whole show would benefit from the introduction of a Gunge Tank for every wrong answer.

Noel's House Party was quite punk when you think about it. Was it the model for those brash Chris Evans' produced shows? Me thinks Edmonds' anger towards Moyles might be because he didn't get to present the mighty Chris Moyles Show on 5. Although if Noel Edmonds were to present such a show they'd probably change the name to the Noel Edmonds Show. Food for Thought.


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