Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dirty dealings in the sand

Speculation as to why Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands found herself getting the boot so quickly is centring on Guy Black, the former spokesman for departed Tory leader Michael Howard and now Telegraph PR chief.

According to Private Eye this week, not long before Sands was sacked, the Sunday Telegraph ran a full-page story about Prince Charles's former spin doctor Mark Bolland. The story on February 26 said that while many admired Bolland others, including the Queen, considered him a "double-dealing manipulative schemer".

Ouch. Those are just the kind of words that might get under a man's skin.

Bolland is, of course, the civil partner of Black who, since parting company with Howard, resurfaced as the Telegraph Group's corporate affairs director where he advises Telegraph chief executive Murdoch MacLennan.

Did Black bend MacLennan's ear a little about the piece Sands ran on Bolland? Some seem to think so, because two weeks after her paper slammed Black's other half out she went.


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