Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Darkly humorous

Sometimes it's refreshing to see what you can get away with. People have been complaining to the ASA about a poster for a show on Sky One called 'Bones'. It's a little bloody, literally, but really it's darkly funny and just a little subversive. It also has a very good copy.

 Okay, well it made me laugh. I've often wondered who complains to the Advertising Standards Authority. Complaints for this poster objected that the ad was disturbing, offensive and inappropriate for public display on a billboard. Several people also complained that they were concerned that the poster was harmful to children.

That's quite a collection of complaints. Do they get together for group viewings or something? I've often thought that this was the case.

Sky's response is quite amusing. It said the poster was intended to represent the content of 'Bones' in a "reasonably sensitive manner". Bloody legs are not sensitive, they're just not, but they're not offensive either.

Apparently 'Bones' is quite good, inspired as it is by the life and writing of Kathy Reichs, a renowned forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist. Each episode a different murder is investigated. It's sort of like 'CSI', but with humour and with the guy who used to be in 'Angel'.

Sky wasn't worried about the kids either. Having an understanding of our deteriorating educational system, Sky was sure that it was harmful to children who "would not be able to understand the meaning of words such as decomposing, corpse and homicide victim". Thank god for stupid kids. Posted by Picasa


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