Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cutprice freebie

How are things going for You magazine, you know, the magazine that comes free with the Mail on Sunday...that you can now buy for a £1?

Not that well, it seems. Forgetting the logic, for a second, of trying to flog something that you also give away as part of a £1.30 newspaper package, Associated Newspapers is running a cut-price promotion this week with ads in the Standard.

So now, if you happened to be a Standard reader you can get a token entitling you to get the women's magazine that's free on Sundays for 50p. I hope you're following this.

The hybrid launch of You magazine as a standalone onto the newsstand always seemed like an interesting, if half-arsed, effort at trying to break into women's magazines, but without the effort of having to launch a new magazine.

What would be interesting to see is whether Associated, or The Observer for that matter with its well-produced Observer Woman, will ever make the leap the to selling exclusively on the newsstand.

Update For anyone who didn't see Campaign this morning looks like the news is worse than expected for Associated. They sold just 28,000 copies on the newsstand. Count them, it won't take that long. Full story here.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, this is a contentious issue. I have to say i'm on You's side though. its a surprisingly good read

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When talking about 'You' should we not change tenses? I'm on Your side.

I like what they're trying to do- they're extending consumer choice. Personally I find I buy weekend papers mainly for the magazines these days; the news being relatively old by the time it's written up in print. Why should I have to pay for a crap paper when all I want to read is the mag?

When you think about it more and more of us are getting our news online rather than through buying papers. We're going to see newspapers becoming more like journals, writing more indepth analysis rather than reporting on events.

In five years time there'll be little need for print. It's dying.


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