Friday, March 03, 2006

Colour drains form The Sun over Cole

What's going on at The Sun? The paper's frontpage story this morning is about two newspapers being sued by England and Arsenal star Ashley Cole…but doesn't actually get around to mentioning the fact that it is one of those papers being sued until the very last line of the story. Not the most confident move in the world.

News International could have to pay a princely sum over the story that Cole claims wrongly identifies him as one of two Premiership football stars at the centre of a gay sex allegations.

The News of the World broke the story on February 12 under the headline "Gay as you go". Geddit? OK, so it’s a play on "pay as you go" as the footballers concerned apparently did some mucky stuff with mobile phones. I always wondered what the whole vibrate function was about.

 If the News of the Screws had left it there, that would not have been a problem, but it followed that story up the following week with a doctored photo that was said to identify one of the players, which led to huge speculation on the rumour mill.

The photo had skin colour and other details changed in Photoshop, but was still recognisable to someone out there as a shot taken for Choice FM. There must be a joke in there somewhere as well, but I'm not sure what it is.

The original photo was of Cole alongside a DJ. Cole, who is engaged to Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy is now suing for libel and by The Sun's frontpage today you kind of get the impression that he might be picking up another Premiership-sized pay packet.

Then there will be the real story revealing who was exactly having a one to…two with a mobile phone.


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