Friday, March 03, 2006

Carry on Lace

I feel we should have somehow seen it coming. Intrigue, legal letters flying, a £45m ad account and a start-up agency… of course, Garry Lace was going to get himself in trouble. As if losing one chief executive job wasn't enough.

I'm jumping the gun. There's every reason to believe that Lace will be found innocent and hold on to his job and still get his name above the door. It just seems more unlikely.

 Sadly, Lowe is saying it will not be updating the press as its investigation proceeds. This is a real shame.

At Grey, as the story unfolded in 2004 after an email was sent "anonymously" exposing a supposed new loyalty scheme Lace was involved in launching with Drew Thomson (the Air Miles managing director), it provided great copy in a kind of 'Carry On Advertising' agency way. There was the CCTV tapes from an internet café and one supposes lots of creeping around, but sadly the culprit was never found.

All this and Lace, who has always been tipped as one of the best ad men of his generation, became the comeback kid and given the chance to run another London agency.

So what on earth was he thinking about when he supposedly met with Sir Frank Lowe in December just as Tesco moved its £45m account from Lowe to the veteran ad man and his team?

Is Lace heading up The Red Brick Road? Posted by Picasa


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