Thursday, March 30, 2006

Branson in sex romp viral

Exactly how do you launch a home loan product these days? Well there is the way most corporations would do it and then there is Richard Branson's way, which naturally involves three models in a hot tub.

In a bizarre new viral from the world's wackiest billionaire, Branson is seen sitting in a hot tub with his arms around two models while sipping champagne to promote the launch of Virgin Money loans in Australia.

While its almost impossible to hear what there are saying (Branson has the bubbles turned right up, of course) one of the models takes a call for the entrepreneur from a Ming like emperor. Branson tells the model he's rather too busy to talk just now.

Wrong answer. Branson is zapped by a Flash Gordon-like beam of death. It is only at this point we realise why he was so busy. A third model bobs up from under water.

Boy oh boy. Branson takes one for the team. Who came up with the idea? Was it Branson? You can imagine that it might well have been.

No one else in the world would do this. It is up there with his dressing as a woman and many many other crazy antics, but then he seems to know what he's doing and having a rather good time at it as he does.

The viral is intended for the Australian market only. Take a look for yourself.

Hat tip: Wellington


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good Viral!

You've got this up before blogs in New Zealand & Australia - nice one!

Wellington, New Zealand!

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Blog Monitor Man said...

No you didn't. It was on the CB Blog in Australia ( nine hours before and it generally got a bagging.


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