Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back to Mars

As predicted, the BBC has confirmed that the rather excellent 'Life on Mars' is coming back for a second series. I'm starting to think that not knowing what it is about -- be it time travel, coma or weird experiment doesn't matter -- it's pretty much unmissable.

You wouldn't want to visit 1973, but it makes compulsive viewing. The final episode of the first series on Monday was one of the best to date, but even though it did solve the mystery of John Simm's fragmented flashbacks (his no good father), it didn't shed any light on the programme's central mystery: how did he get from 2006 to 1973? It has to be a coma...or something else.

 Channel 4's 'Lost', of course, has strung out its mystery over a daunting 25 episodes and left its viewers none the wiser after an entire season. Talk about boats and pushing too far. With 'Life on Mars' likely only to run for maybe one more season before it ends answers will hopefully be a little more forthcoming.

The good news is that Kudos, which also make the highly rated 'Spooks' and the so-so 'Hustle', has the entire cast back for the second run. Most importantly that means the entertaining Philip Glenister, who plays boozing, brawling DCI Gene Hunt, and the potential love interest of Liz White's WPC Annie Cartwright.

Filming on the eight new episodes starts in April in Manchester and continues until September. Posted by Picasa


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