Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You're on telly!

So 'The Apprentice' is back for a new 12-week run on BBC Two later this month. I can't get very excited about it. It isn't as good as the US version -- although the Beeb has done a good job with the Atlantic translation. Sir Alan Sugar, while he has a certain charm, sort of grates.

  Whatever I think, the numbers speak for themselves with more than 10,000 people applying for the chance to win the six-figure salaried job with Sugar, which has been whittled down to the final 14.

There's the usual mixed bunch from lawyers to an ex-Millwall footballer (it's a game of hard knocks after all), a Cambridge graduate, a university lecturer, a management consultant and a former supermarket checkout girl all hoping not to be fired.

Humiliation and tears will likely follow, ending with the chance to work at Amstrad. Hmm. Hey, I had an Amstrad PCW 9512, just like the next kid. My mother keeps telling me it's in her attic (is that like a hint or something?), but really these days its top products are the email phone (yours for £19) or the E3 Superphone (yours for £29). I don't know what's super about it, but I figure they're not selling like hot cakes. So why do it?

Oh right, despite what Sugar says that the would-be apprentices are not there to "enhance some form of media career", there's really only one reason to be there - it's to be on telly. Posted by Picasa


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