Monday, February 06, 2006

Will someone please hold the front page

I sometimes have trouble working out what it is with the Evening Standard. It's a London newspaper, but often it's difficult to find much news about this great city on the front page. What's with that? Today's front page is a case in point. I saw this story this morning on the wires and for a second or two I even thought about doing something on Brand Republic (what can I say, it’s a Monday and a slow news day).

The Standard saw the story and naturally it being the Super Bowl, which took place in Detroit, thought slightly differently and splashed it on the front page.

'Stones in Sex Lyrics Ban at the Superbowl'.

In case you snoozed and missed it, ABC cut a total of three lines from two Rolling Stones songs in light of the $500,000 Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction two years ago on CBS.

The lines cut? "Am I just one of your cocks?" from 'Rough Justice', and "You, you make a dead man come" (twice) from 'Start Me Up'.

It is just me or is this a non-story? It was half-time entertainment, all hotdogs and supersized beverages, strictly popcorn and bathroom break, and no more interesting than that.
Now you've read that, ask yourself this question -- if you were editor of the Evening Standard would you slap this on your front page? I mean, would you really? Is there nothing else happening in London? Not one story worthy of out the 10m out there?


At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Why people buy it is a mystery. It highlights death, mugging, tragedy and misery when us Londoners need a pick me up at the end of the day!

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was last year when the standard ran one of the saddest most pathetic pieces of journalism I've ever read on p.3. They sent two mid-20 year old reporters onto the tubes during busy periods of a day. These clearly fit and healthy looking 'passengers' asked people seated if they would give up their seat because they (journo's) were feeling a little tired. Unsurprisingly 90% of people said no.

Not only is this is a non-story, the outcome is totally predictable and just, frankly. It is false journalism, not only stupid, pointless and insensitive but it is anti-London. Free Speech fine, but make sure you speak of something of interest. But that isn't the worst of it.

The Standard ran this a week or so before an early round of voting for the Olympics. The one thing London was criticised for was its transport in the previous inspection by the IOC. I'm sure the standard enjoyed a great sales peak the day of the announcement. And If there is one media that should benefit the most from the London Olympics it is the Standard, particularly as they produce multiple editions (and lets assume their lack of thought doesn't blind them to the need to move into digital by 2012) throughout the day to follow results. Does anyone at the standard want to explain the above and also let us know if they actually see themselves as a London newspaper, or just a tabloid distributed solely in London?

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

I agree it is one schizophrenic newspaper that has a weird relationship to London. Often at war with the mayor and ignoring the city the rest of the time. It really is a newspaper in need of decent competition so it can work out once and for all if it is a London newspaper or, as said, a tabloid distributed in London.

Today's splash is more Kate Moss although to be fair underneath that it does have a London story: "Knife checks at Tube stations" in wake of that lawyer who was sadly stabbed to death last month in Kensal Green.


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