Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Taking one in the Gutfield

Magazine ABCs tomorrow and cue rounds of press briefings and depressed/happy magazine publishers. One title not tipped to do so well is Dennis Publishing's lads mag Maxim.

Talk is that Maxim could be down by a whopping 15%, which would be bad news for its controversial American editor Greg Gutfield. Gutfield is known for his practical jokes and was brought over to the UK having edited Stuff for Dennis in the US.

  He is reported to have once turned up at a fashion show wearing a bear's skin and hired three dwarfs to disrupt a Magazine Publishers' Association meeting in New York – the topic of the MPA meet was "How to Create Buzz".

More recently, Maxim had to apologise to the motor-racing legend Sir Stirling Moss. In an interview done by Gutfield, Moss was quoted as saying: "I did my best to spread herpes around the world." What he actually said was "I did my best to spread happiness around the world." The magazine blamed the mistake on a mishearing. Oh really.

When he was hired, a Dennis Publishing spokesman said: "I think he will bring a welcome jolt to UK's men's magazines."

Maxim recently saw its readership fall 23% from 991,000 to 760,000 in the National Readership Survey, but it's sales and the ABCs that really count. In the August ABCs, Maxim was down 2.9% from 234,183 to 227,377.

Maybe that's not the kind of buzz Dennis was after. Posted by Picasa


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