Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Taking the bottle

Selling bottled water is obviously getting more difficult. Now that it's been revealed as an environmental disaster (not to mention pricey), ever new ways are needed to persuade consumers to bottle up. Buxton might have gone too far.

"Buxton's new 'On the move' sports bottle delivers 1L of pure hydration. This bumper size bottle of Buxton Natural Mineral Water is the answer to all consumer hydration needs. It has a new "easy open" thumb-up sports cap, which can be opened one-handed, and the bottle is the ideal shape for gripping while on the go.

Pure hydration? Consumer hydration needs? Who has thoseā€¦ oh wait, they are talking about drinking the stuff.

Oh and please tell me what's with the whole one-handed thing? No, seriously I want to know.


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