Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Steve Jobs's birthday buzz

Steve Jobs is a lucky guy. Those nice people at LoveLabs are sending him one of their specially appendaged iPods for his birthday. While Steve probably has iPods coming out of his ears he probably hasn't got one of these.

Apparently something of a hit in Europe, the iBuzz is - wait for it - a music-activated orgasm machine that can be connected to any iPod, MP3 player or music source. According to the PRs at LoveLabs when it drops into Steve's mailbox on Friday, never will anyone have been so excited to hear the song "Happy Birthday to you!"

 In case you were wondering, the iBuzz can be clipped to your belt and a "bullet" that vibrates with the music slipped into your pocket – or elsewhere. When the volume is turned up, the vibrations get stronger and…well you get the picture. It comes with a his-and-hers ring and stimulator, white iPod-style wires to connect to a music source, and a headphone splitter so users can listen to their music while enjoying the vibrations. No, seriously, that’s what it says.

If you're hard up (okay that's just plain lame) and you don't have an MP3 player "handy", the iBuzz can be used as a stand-alone vibrator thanks to its seven vibration patterns. Posted by Picasa


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