Friday, February 17, 2006

Smash hit, splat and kapow!

Now that Smash Hits has bitten the dust, it appears that the knives are out. Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant, the teen pop title's most famous alumni, has wasted no time in laying the blame for the magazine's demise on the blonde shoulders of Kate Thornton.

According to Tennant: "Kate Thornton was the one who ruined that magazine. It was really cutting edge before she got hold of it. She just made it girly and silly."

  Not that Thornton, who during her time at the magazine was best known for... relaxing in the office, has much to worry about. She's gone on to be the new Davina McCall on ITV, presenting ratings winner 'The X-Factor'.

But then again, whoever wrote Wikipedia's entry on Smash Hits seems to be of a similar mind:

"In the 1990s, the magazine's circulation slumped and it was overtaken by the BBC's spin-off magazine Top of the Pops. Television presenter and journalist Kate Thornton was editor for a short time." Posted by Picasa


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