Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sleaze or PR wheeze?

Is it just us or does the whole Bam Bam and Faceless podcast smack of a PR stunt? The Kiss 100 breakfast show has been getting great mileage from the intimate diary of a London university student, which has become a hit on iTunes.

Only Bam Bam knows her identity and each week, she calls a voicemail server and leaves a message for the him. The DJ (researcher) then transcribes her words and runs it through a voice synthesiser.

 The updates reveal her calorie-counting encounters with her boyfriend ("The Body") and intimate thoughts about sex, lesbian encounters and her parents.

Maybe it is the real deal, there is a something of a hint that the whole thing is a fake and fictional, in the same way that Belle de Jour, the blog of a London call girl, "written by an anonymous prostitute", turned to out largely to be a fake ticket to a book deal and TV drama.

The likes of Sarah Champion, Toby Young, Lisa Hilton and Isabel Wolff were all tapped as possible authors of Belle de Jour, but while no one owned up, no one believed it was real either.

Is Faceless more of the same? Well, some of the entries are so banal as to be real and you have to wonder at the tone, for instance:

"I got a text from the Body saying: 'Do you want to come around?' He told me he was drunk, so I thought it would be quite fun."


Or this Valentines day entry, she gets two cards, but not, she fears, one from the Body.

"I'm petty sure neither are from the Body. He sent me a text saying 'Happy Valentines Day bitch'. So I replied 'Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart. We call each other nasty names, and it's annoying me'."

So is it the real thing? Posted by Picasa


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