Monday, February 27, 2006

Russian brides for Middle Earth

While everyone loves Middle Earth, you know, the country formerly known as New Zealand, a timely reminder that attitudes down under herald from something closer to the Middle Ages than the 21st Century.

Vodka company 42 Below has upset the New Zealand Russian community with a new ad campaign that offers the prize of a Russian bride for Kiwi men.

According to 42 Below, Russki women could be the ideal match for the unreconstructed Kiwi man.

 "Let me tell you, those Russian women are awesome, they don't care if you watch cricket on Valentine's Day, hell they don’t even care if you're short and fat. It's almost too good to be true."

Quite. The ad features a picture of a blonde scrubbing a floor. Apparently, the Russian scrubber of choice will be available to the competition winner who will pick up $8,000 or a return trip to Moscow with spending money on a find-a-bride tour.

Can Russian women really be queuing up to look after overweight All Blacks fans? Who knows, but 42 Below chief executive Geoff Ross said that while he could see the campaign being offensive it was, in true Kiwi style, just a bit of fun.

He said the campaign was aimed at classic Kiwi blokes who would love to meet "hot" Russian women.

"For the single Kiwi bloke, who might not be an All Black or very good looking, this is a chance to get hooked up with somebody pretty hot. The ideal woman for the Kiwi bloke is one who keeps him fed and looked after all day and meets all his needs." Posted by Picasa


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