Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Riot on riot on

Are you going to be watching James Brown tonight as he takes to the air, well to Bravo channel at least, with his 'I Predict a Riot' documentary... about rioting?

Brown is calling it the "Match of the Day of civil disorder". The first episode is called 'Fuck the Police' and promises footage of Brixton 2001, Leeds Harehill Estate 2001, Bristol 1980 and Brixton, Toxteth 1981 among others.  He says its an opportunity to catch the most eye-catching riots of the past 20 years. Maybe he should go to the Tate Modern, I mean, if he wants eye catching.

He says after watching 45 minutes of the 1990 Poll Tax riots, which will be shown in a later episode, he came out pumped up and ready for… his five-a-side game.

I have a lot of time for James Brown, not so much for Loaded, although the magazine was in its heyday a landmark title that helped to shape the mass market men's magazine sector, but more for Jack, his short-lived and intelligent effort at a grown-up men's magazine.

But he has also shown moments of terrible judgment, following the publication of a controversial issue of GQ in 1999 that featured the Nazis and Field Marshal Rommel in a feature on the 200 most stylish men of the 20th century.

I might just be being really boring, but I think this could be another one of those moments of bad judgment on both Brown's part and Bravo's.

I get that Bravo wants the young male viewers. Or maybe just viewers, and it has made efforts, even buying in decent programming (I'm talking about the twisty-turny spy drama in the form of 'Alias' starring Jennifer Garner and penned by 'Lost' co-creator JJ Abrams), but is this really the way to go? Posted by Picasa


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