Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Putting Dimmock into your hair

Last week, it was 'Big Brother' dimwit Jade Goody launching a perfume. Cue jokes about eau de kebab. This week it’s TV gardener Charlie Dimmock, who is best known from the BBC's 'Ground Force' for not wearing a bra. For some reason, the lack of a bra proved a national tabloid and TV obsession.

Not being a gardener nor fan of 'Ground Force', I can honestly say I never got it. Women with nipples? I mean, was that it?

Anyway, I digress. Dimmock was one those ruddy face women, not unattractive, but definitely defined by the garden and her place in it. So a range of beauty and hair products? I'm not entirely sure where this one is going, but mucky hair or muddy face packs no doubt.

 Maybe there are an army of ruddy British welly-wearing women just waiting for Dimmock's products to hit the shelves, but I'd always thought her appeal was more 50-year old dads, not known for their appreciation of beauty products, whose weekly highlight was to see Dimmock's unfettered bosom? I'm sure there is a strategy in there somewhere.

Oh in case, you were wondering why she doesn't wear a bra (sorry, I Googled her and so was led on a Dimmock odyssey, including a page that answers all your Dimmock related questions:

Q: Why does Charlie Dimmock never wear a bra?
A: Charlie cannot understand the fuss about her breasts. She says she simply does not like wearing a bra, and thinks they are uncomfortable for physical work. Would Charlie and Ground Force have achieved such a following if she did? Look at the photographs or go to the latest jigsaw page and decide for yourself. Posted by Picasa


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