Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pet food for people

Pet food brand Iams is to sponsor the third series of Channel Four's 'You Are What You Eat' show. I have to say I'm kind of confused. Exactly what message is Channel 4 sending out here?

I know broadcasters need the money, but really did no one blink when they said "pet food: it’s the ideal sponsor for a show about people with really unhealthy diets". The lack of healthy food brands wanting to cough up the cash is disheartening.

Is Channel 4 trying to say the people on 'You Are What You Eat' probably would be better off eating pet food? Well maybe. The press release does helpfully point out that, like people on the Channel 4 show, up to 50% of cats and dogs in the UK are overweight.

 Gillian McKeith knows this only too well. Maybe she could tell some of her TV victims that they would be better off eating pet food ("I recommend Iams: packed with vitamins, and fish oils for a healthy coat.")

Maybe I'm just being too literal for the world of TV sponsorship. It obviously makes sense to someone, not least of all Iams.

According to Richard Learwood, managing director of The Iams Company: "The sponsorship of You Are What You Eat is the ideal fit for the Iams Company."

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