Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Party on Rimmel

Watching the new Rimmel London spot with Kate Moss, I couldn't help chuckling away. It's the story of a model…who's been out partying all night and is in need of some fix-me-up slap.

With a script that starts "now party for longer", no amount of scandal was ever going to tear asunder Rimmel and Moss. They are made for each other. It actually feels kind of real. You know only too well that Moss is living large the Rimmel party girl lifestyle.

 The Rimmel London team must have been cheering Moss on as she was caught taking cocaine like it were Space Dust. They knew that all she needed to get out of jail free was an application of Rimmel London recover anti-fatigue foundation, which "transforms the look of tired skin for an instant glow" and, now that you mention it, helps you out of the odd career-threatening PR crisis.

Plus Rimmel was only too happy to stand by their girl, happily splashing out on new TV, press and poster ads. It's sort of refreshing. Moss's cocaine taking aside, here is a celebrity brand tie-up that really tells no lies. Posted by Picasa


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