Friday, February 17, 2006

One chicks and kicks video to go

While I've often suspected that the amount of time creatives sometimes spend dreaming up new campaigns adds up to not a lot, Beattie McGuiness Bungay's new cinema and TV ad for French Connection takes that to a new heights.

Looks like Trevor Beattie spent actually, erm, zero time working on the ad. The spot is a virtual shot-for-shot remake of a Groovecutters music video made using the same actresses and the same director, Duncan (David Bowie's son) Jones. Hell it even uses the same location.

The single charted in the top 40 last year and having seen both, there's nothing between them, although the Grovecutters video is a tad less violent (possibly because of the lack of kicks and punches landing and nil sound effects), but otherwise it’s the same right down to the girl getting covered in oil (gratuitous pic for so featured) and the lesbian kiss.

  According to Kev Keane from Grovecutters: "It's such a rip off. I am not even sure if FCUK know how much of a copy it is. Would they have approved it if they knew it was not specially created for them to spearhead their £2m campaign?"

Good question, no doubt BMB amended their bill to French Connection accordingly.

Apparently Grovecutters' label Nebula (Virgin/EMI) are none too happy about the video being reshot for French Connection and are considering legal action. Watch this space. Posted by Picasa


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