Thursday, February 23, 2006

The lunchtime overheard podcast

Genius idea at lunch today. What with all the interest in all things podcast. Sitting in The Hospital, in the rather too-close-together booths more suited to an intimate tete-a-tete than a lunch time meeting, conversation continually came to a halt as my lunchtime meet and I listened into the booth behind us as various bits of the publishing industry were discussed.

With the blinding by science insight that "no one sends shit by post" and "email everything" (agency advice to client, surely) magazines were on the agenda.

A digital tape recorder could easily have snapped the whole thing and make it ready for download right after lunch. The Hospital is not alone in offering intimate dining where neighbouring conversations are as clear as your own.

A regular tour of the Ivy, the Wolseley, San Lorenzo, Nobu or Sketch, Langans, Soho House and Century would be good to start.

Admittedly, recordings might be scratchy, but unlike Faceless, you could guarantee it would be the real thing, the things you could hear. Just last week, pitch details were drifting my way although clearly the diners on that occasion had enjoyed a third glass or four as laughter was obscuring the talk.

Trouble is, of course, like podcasts, great idea that it might be, no one would ever get around to downloading it.


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