Friday, February 24, 2006

Ken and the Evening Standard

The Evening Standard must be breaking out the bubbly tonight after getting its man – even if he does happen to be London's mayor.

 I hope Ken Livingstone does appeal against the decision of the disciplinary panel, which has found him guilty of bringing his office into disrepute. It's unelected and has no place in removing a democratically elected mayor from his job even if it is only for a temporary four week period.

That said, the situation would not have come to this new low if Ken grew up and apologised for an ill judged off the cuff remark comparing the Jewish Standard reporter, Oliver Finegold, to a German concentration camp guard.

He was clearly in the wrong and if it had been another paper there probably would have been an apology forthcoming, but because it was the Standard, London's unchallenged and, sometimes wanting newspaper, that was never going to happen. There's too much bad blood between the mayor and the capital's only newspaper. Routemaster buses are more likely to be brought back. Talking of which...

These two really need to bury the hatchet somewhere other than each other. The whole thing only underlines the need for another London newspaper. Like a choice of candidates Londoners also needs a choice of local newspaper. Posted by Picasa


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