Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Its all over now

Can it really be true? Apparently, it's all over between Preston and Chantelle from 'Celebrity Big Brother'? It can't just have been me who thought that, like Rob Reiner's John Cusack-starring road movie, it was a 'Sure Thing', can it?

We were promised a full-on tabloid romance and I'm thoroughly disappointed not to get it. Apparently, the sure thing is turning out to be more of the publicity-stunt variety of which Preston's so-so indie band, The Ordinary Boys, are now reaping the full benefits.

The band are up to number three from last's week number nine in the singles chart with 'Boys Will Be Boys' and their album 'Brassbound' climbed from a lowly 22 to this week at number 11.

All this chart action and headlines like "Ordinary Boys mania!" on NME.com (and please what is with the exclamation mark?) as the band are "forced" to upgrade a venue on their forthcoming UK and Irish tour due to massive demand.

In case you wondered, it's clear who the real winner is from 'Celebrity Big Brother' and he only came a lowly fourth behind "love interest" Chantelle, troubled Michael Barrymore and Goldie Lookin' Chain's Maggot.

I can't help it but I'm already starting to feel sorry for fake celebrity Chantelle, who is apparently now dumped by her would-be squeeze who, in a blaze of publicity, has funnily enough returned to his girlfriend and dropped down on one knee with a prompt proposal. What a forgiving girl she must be after all that on-screen flirting.

It worked out great for Preston, and Chantelle will probably linger on a little longer (making a reported £1m along the way), but I wonder just how planned out the whole thing is. Am I simply being too dumb for words and just missing the whole cynical point? Probably.


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