Friday, February 10, 2006

How to make a million…and go to jail

Ouch that has to hurt. You see your former colleague walk away with a bit of community service while you get three months.

Not-so-lucky former Daily Mirror City Slicker journalist James Hipwell has been rewarded for not pleading guilty like his ex-colleague Anil Bhoyrul with a six-month sentence, three months of which have been suspended.

  I supposed the suspension is something, but Hipwell only got that because he has a deteriorating kidney condition after a transplant.

Quite how much cash Hipwell has left for his trouble is anybody's guess, but all this for £41,000 he made from trading the shares he tipped in his Mirror column.

Bhoyrul is said to have made £15,000, but then he's in Dubai these days having long done his community service, probably on the tax free beech.

The real question of this whole affair, which has been rumbling on since 2000, that's six years, I mean count them, is how much money this cost the taxpayer. Millions will be the answer, it always is. Posted by Picasa


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