Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do you Podcast?

If you hadn't already guessed podcasting is this year's blogging. So have you podcasted yet? What do you mean you haven't even got your Blogger account up and running yet?

Really I should be podcasting this myself so you can download it onto your PC…and then upload it on to your MP3 player once you've synched with your PC. By MP3 player I mean your iPod – what do you mean you haven't got one? Are you some kind of Neanderthal?

I'm sort of digressing. I just did another spot survey and found that really, while sort of interested in Podcasting, (this translated as we downloaded several Rick Gervais shows and listened to at least one), no-one really can work up the enthusiasm to do much about it.

  But if you looked at the frenzy of activity that isn't the impression you get. Various national newspapers such as the Guardian, Daily Telegraph (which has a podcasting editor) and the BBC to name a few are doing work in the area.

The BBC today announced 29 more radio shows are to join its trial. Count them, one, two.... You'll now be able to get hourly news bulletins, Woman's Hour not to mention highlights from BBC Two's Newsnight. That's right Paxman on your iPod…scary.

But why do we need Paxman on our iPod anyway, when he's on TV and on BBC online already. The real interest is individual podcasters who, like bloggers, could, maybe, add something new to the media mix

So far though, I know people are doing it and it's really great to experiment, but it seems that this is a case of hype over interest. Posted by Picasa


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