Thursday, February 16, 2006

Damning praise for Sophie Raworth

Ouch. The Times really has it in for the Sophie Raworth today, praising her with faint damns. In T2 today, The Times uses its regular line drawing piece to unjustly lay into Raworth after she was given the BBC One O'Clock anchor job yesterday.

The paper describes her not only as "sensible", but goes on to say that she's "not an English rose exactly but middling". Middling? That really is harsh and uncalled for.

  Raworth relinquished her seat presenting the Six O'Clock News, when she went on maternity leave, to Natasha Kaplinsky, a triumph of make-up, expensive haircuts, a bit of dirty 'Strictly Come Dancing' and naked ambition over… well just over everything, but that seems to be how to climb the ladder at the BBC. Just take a look at the Kaplinsky-alike clone Kate Silverton over on BBC News 24.

Not getting to see the One O'Clock news all that often, but catching the headlines at six now and then it's a poor trade, getting Tasha over Sophie, who is far from "middling". Posted by Picasa


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