Monday, February 20, 2006

The cheeseborgs are coming

Looks like whatever agency has the Leerdammer cheese advertising account gave the copywriting job to the office Trekkie. That can be the only excuse for the tagline "Resistance is futile".

Actually there's no excuse and one can only hope that the creative team behind the tired effort, with a woman seeing her therapist about a cheesy problem (ending with therapist jumping over the desk and grabbing the cheese: yawn), is assimilated into new lines of work forthwith.

 I know that "Resistance if futile" is used quite widely, but even not Star Trek geeks know where the line comes from -- cue excuse for picture of former Borgette Jerry Ryan, who is currently appearing as a baddie con artist in 'The OC'.

But please only click on that link above if you have plenty of minutes to waste as you will find yourself sucked into a world taking you through Daleks, Cybermen, Douglas Adams, not to mention the 2001/2002 internet phenomenon "All your base are belong to us". Like I said, think clearly before you click, believe me, I know. Posted by Picasa


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