Friday, February 24, 2006

1982 and all that

It's always the small things. The BBC is to axe is Falkland Island radio service after 62 years in the name of progress. It only costs a few thousand pounds a year to produce the twice weekly 15 minutes broadcasts, which go out on Tuesday and Friday evenings on the World Service. That's just 30 minutes a week, but apparently they have to go.

Admittedly, with TV and broadband access, the Falkland radio service no longer plays the central role that it used to in the life of islanders, but there still seems to be a place for it.

 In 1982 when Argentina invaded the distant South Atlantic islands, and when everyone was mildly surprised to realise that they were not in fact in Scotland, the service was the only real link the islands had to the UK throughout the launch of the Taskforce, the invasion and swift liberation.

The Times, today quoted Norma Edwards, an islander who served for 20 years as a councillor saying how much the service would be missed: "It will be greatly missed. We may have television now, but still a lot of people tune in. During the conflict it was the mainstay of the people — it's where everybody got their information from."

All for just a few grand when the BBC casual wastes of millions of pounds on the likes of the likes of Davina McCall (please tell me what's she for?) and certain overpaid executives. Did someone say Alan Yentob?

In true BBC style there has been zero consultation. So much for license payers getting a say. Okay, so I turned into my dad and, really, I apologise for that, but it seems a shame. Posted by Picasa


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